How it works

What is it?

This program targets people and companies who can resell our products.

Who can become a Reseller?

Companies with a consistent ethnic audience. Individuals with a large network of friends.

  • How to start?

    Open an account.

    Select the countries where you want to do business with us.

    Select the product(s) you want to sell.

    Your account will be activated in 24 business hours.
    While waiting for activation you can check the Possible Ratedecks that you can use if you want to have your own store and maybe send your customers to your website to open accounts and buy.

  • First Steps


    Pay through Pay Pal or make a wire transfer.

    See the changes of your balance by day and by transaction. Enable the Low Balance notification so you can make sure you know when you run out of money in your account.

    Export your balance as a CSV file.

  • Users

    Create additional users to your account and choose their access level

    An Administrator has full access to his/her account. A User has restricted access to the Payment page.

  • Address Book

    Add/View/Edit your customers' details.

  • My Stores

    See your active stores and products per store.

  • Working with the tool

    Generate new PIN

    Add customer's details / Select existing customer.

    Provide the number of PINs you need to generate for a specific customer (for example, the customer is a company and needs multiple PINs).

    Provide the credit amount to be placed on the PIN/PINs. Select the customer's address.

    Select the calling destination needed to provide the rates for the calls destination country if you want to print/email the PIN to your customer

    Set the features if you manage the PIN for your customer you might need to set PINless Dialing for certain numbers or other features your customer might like

    You can see the info related to the newly created PIN.

    You can email/print/close this message.

    The PIN is ready to use.

  • Bulk Recharge PIN

    Recharge more than one PIN with a certain recharge value.

  • Recharge PIN

    Search for one of your customers and recharge their PIN

  • My Stores

    See your active stores and products per store.

  • Last 10 transactions

    See the details of your last 10 transactions.

  • PIN Settings

    See all recharges for a unique PIN.
    Set the PIN features.